A state-of-the-art chatbot for the Financial Services Industry.

The ecosystem behind our platform takes huge, dynamic and disparate data-sets and recognises signals that provide sell-side and buy-side instructions on the assets you care about. LodeBot makes those insights available at your convenience, via Kik, Messenger, Skype, Slack, SMSSymphony, Twitter, Email, Website or your choice of communication channel.

LodeBot is a truly multi-asset tool which can be used by the buy and sell side for Futures, Equities, FX, Options, ETFs, SWAPs, Bonds, Fixed Income and other asset types.  By remaining agnostic to the types of assets and then integrating this asset data with your overall corporate information such as order books and trade histories, Research, CRM and/or other internal or external data sets, including chat histories, the LodeBot can help create a powerful data ecosystem for your business.

The LodeBot can help streamline workflow as well as improve productivity and performance across the enterprise including Sales, Trading, Compliance, Back-Office, Asset Management and Research functions.

Your environment, your LodeBot.

Each instance is tailored to your particular datasets and environment. We work with you to get the most out of your data and deliver the performance benefits needed in your job.


Whether through asset-level analysis or the creation of call lists to brokers, generated automatically by sifting through vast quantities of data to identify relevant ideas for each of your specific clients, through to the analysis of historic trades, to suggesting follow-on calls to clients – LodeBot helps the broker do their job better. Running within a broking environment to increase productivity, it is as much suited to research analysts as to traders, sales traders and sales teams.

Asset Managers

For asset managers, the ability of LodeBot to automatically sift through data to identify what is relevant to each individual user from their portfolios and recent transactions helps avoid increasing information-overload in their investment decision-making data and post-trade monitoring. It also assists fund management teams focus on asset opportunities and risk management more effectively while also identifying potential internal crosses from other related portfolios across the organisation.

Middle Office

Also relevant to middle-office functions such as Compliance, Trade Reporting, Transaction Banking and Risk Management, LodeBot can be configured to look for particular scenarios and report them as they occur – acting as an automatic reporting agent to help minimise risk at the portfolio and company level.

Use Case #1 – Sell-side Sales & Sales Trading

  • Asian markets movements overnight and last night’s US close trigger client-related alerts within LodeBot
  • A few select flash notifications sent to Sales team regarding key client positions
  • On the way into work, James checks email and Symphony for alerts and to review a couple of assets of interest that were traded yesterday
  • On arrival in the office, the LodeBot has already created James’s favourite technical and fundamental screens for pan-European equitie
  • James’s client call to-do list has been prepared to kick-start his morning calls
  • James receives order to trade 100K EZY; LodeBot springs into action and helps find the other side of the trade; monitors execution and subsequent performance of the position
  • Early afternoon, LodeBot sends James a couple of flash notifications regarding key market movers and clients impacted by those moves

Use Case #2 – Compliance & Trade Reporting

  • Sophie has worked in the Compliance department for 15 years
  • There are more trades, across more asset classes with ever-increasing regulation and trade restrictions; it’s becoming an impossible task for her to monitor everything effectively
  • Luckily, she has the LodeBot as her personal digital assistant who is busy monitoring all of the information on her behalf
  • Suddenly, she receives an alert from the LodeBot of abnormal trading activity in one of their restricted-position assets and advises her which of the firm’s clients may be affected and a to-do list of who must be contacted
  • She investigates and concludes all is well on this occasion but is glad that the LodeBot is there to continue helping her and the business

Use Case #3 – Asset Manager

  • Alistair works for a large fund management house and is lead manager of 15 portfolios and support manager of a further 10 funds
  • He’s been under-performing the key benchmarks in 4 of his funds and is trying to identify assets that are likely to outperform those benchmarks
  • Luckily for Alistair, he has access to the LodeBot so he can quickly build a screen for assets with recent earnings upgrades, positive and improving sentiment and with a positive technical profile
  • This gives him 5 assets to consider to replace under-performing assets and he asks the LodeBot to cross-reference this against in-house research recommendations
  • He chooses to liquidate a position in AAPL and replace it with XLNX
  • He asks the LodeBot to review other funds managed by the firm and identifies an internal cross to optimise execution costs of the position entry

Use Case #4 – Trading / Execution Desk

  • Susan works on a Futures trading desk; it’s a busy day in the markets and it’s approaching the roll-date in WTI Crude
  • Suddenly she receives a flash notification from LodeBot of a high-impact news story from OPEC that it has seen on the news wires
  • WTI Crude pulls back and Susan can see from the summary view on WTI that the asset is now over-sold and various technical metrics are indicating a rally from this point
  • Susan asks the LodeBot to review all clients with open positions in WTI and picks up the phone…

Use Case #5 – Research

  • Stephane has been covering Oracle for 6 years and is considered an expert in both the equity and debt issuance of the company and its product pipeline
  • He’s had a buy rating on the stock and its Senior Debt for the last 8 months
  • LodeBot suddenly alerts him that finally the 200-day moving average is turning upwards and the LodeBot has also noticed an up-turn in consumer sentiment, both of which support his fundamental view of ORCL
  • He steps down to the trading floor, picks up the mike and reiterates his fundamental buy recommendation in light of these alerts

Use Case #6 – Private Client

  • Mayuresh runs a small family office and concentrates a sizeable proportion of the assets to major FX
  • It’s difficult at the best of times but he has recently switched broker to a specialist FX boutique who provide good execution but, more importantly, access to the LodeBot which helps monitor and alert Mayuresh to market moving information
  • The LodeBot sits in a chatroom with Mayuresh and his broker, Sue.
  • The LodeBot alerts the room that EURGBP is strongly over-sold with back-tested technical indicating probable mean-reversion
  • Mayuresh instructs Sue to add 100K EURGBP to his existing position
  • Mayuresh explores other potential assets with the LodeBot and saves these to a watchlist for later

Use Case #7CEO / COO / CIO / Board Member

  • Jason is on the board of a large multi-national business and is involved in defining and steering Group strategy
  • In almost all internal meetings it is becoming clear that due to ever increasing pressure from trading margins, regulation and peer performance that the profitability of the business is under relentless pressure
  • Somehow Jason needs to suggest changes to the way that his business  works to help ensure its survival and try to take market share from traditional peers as well as the increasing array of smaller, more dynamic, startups that are beginning to make real traction
  • Jason has heard about the recent trends in AI and is wondering if his objectives could be attained through a top down AI strategy
  • Jason speaks to Lodestar Ecosystems and a meeting is arranged where they explain not just what AI could do to help key areas of his business but also they also demonstrate key features of the LodeBot that he can see will radically improve productivity, workflow and performance across the enterprise