LodeStar Ecosystems formed in March 2017 with a the LodeBot – an AI powered chatbot for the financial services industry with a focus on dramatically improving productivity across financial services. Founded by experts in financial services science and technology, we have developed a new way of understanding and connecting data. We change relationships and improve profitability in capital markets.

Our intelligent ecosystems connect information on financial assets from a wide range of internal and external sources and provides you with key signals that highlight the buy and sell decisions most relevant to your customers.

We are changing the industry by turning rich silos of data into joined up ecosystems. Our AIs are given private access to these rich environments and surface the right data, at the right time and in the right format, for you.

Before LodeStar:

  • Disparate silos of data, research, news, CRM and trade history
  • Random analysis by individual brokers with inconsistent client relationships
  • Labour intensive processes to “find reasons” for brokers to engage clients
  • Growing pressure on brokerage costs and inefficiencies, due to MiFiD II, etc.
  • Data from client relationship stay in the hands of individual, sometimes transient, brokers

With LodeStar:

  • Joined-up data, tailored to client preferences and available via chatbot
  • Cohesive, AI analysis producing consistent signals and recommendations
  • Automated processes providing “golden reasons” to engage clients
  • More effective relationship management resulting in higher conversion rates
  • Broker-client relationships automatically tracked, so vital IP stays in your brokerage

Our state-of-the-art platform debuts with, LodeBot, a chat interface developed for brokers, traders and asset managers.  The LodeBot is a multi-channel robot with connectivity via web, Symphony, Skype, Slack, SMS, Email, Kik and other gateways.


We are pleased to be a Symphony bot partner and also a Microsoft partner.



A state-of-the-art chatbot for
the Financial Services Industry.

The ecosystem behind our platform takes huge, dynamic and disparate data-sets and recognises signals that provide sell-side and buy-side instructions on the assets you care about. LodeBot makes those insights available at your convenience, via Kik, Messenger, Skype, Slack, SMSSymphony, Twitter, Email, Website or your choice of communication channel.

Lodebot is a truly multi-asset tool which can be used by the buy and sell side for Futures, Equities, FX, Options, ETFs, SWAPs, Bonds, Fixed Income and other asset types.  By remaining agnostic to the types of assets and then integrating this asset data with your CRM, Research and other internal or external data sets,  the Lodebot can help create a powerful data ecosystem for your business.

Your environment, your LodeBot.

Each instance is tailored to your particular datasets and environment. We work with you to get the most out of your data and deliver the performance benefits needed in your job.


Whether through asset-level analysis or the creation of call lists to brokers, generated automatically by sifting through vast quantities of data to identify relevant ideas for each of your specific clients, through to the analysis of historic trades, to suggesting follow-on calls to clients – LodeBot helps the broker do their job better. Running within a broking environment to increase productivity, it is as much suited to research analysts as to traders, sales traders or sales teams.

Asset Managers

For asset managers, the ability of LodeBot to automatically sift through data to identify what is relevant to each individual user helps avoid increasing information-overload and also assists fund management teams focus on asset opportunities and risk management more effectively.

Middle Office

Also relevant to middle-office functions such as Risk Management, LodeBot can be configured to look for particular scenarios and report them as they occur – acting as an automatic reporting agent to help minimise risk at the portfolio and company level.

An extremely valuable tool for users to capture and co-ordinate investment activity, utilising cutting edge technology to drive efficiency and enhanced client service.

LodeBot will streamline broker and advisor activities enabling greater levels of customer service across organisations and freeing up valuable resources to focus on additional revenue generating activities.

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